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Andrew Lloyd Webber  
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Information on queries relating to Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Can Andrew answer some questions for my school/college research? 

Andrew Lloyd Webber thanks you for your interest. He is honoured that you would ask for his advice, however, due to the huge number of requests such as yours which come from all over the world, we hope you will understand that he is simply not able to reply personally.

We are sorry that this is a disappointing reply and wish you every success with your material.

How can I contact Andrew Lloyd Webber? 

You can contact Andrew Lloyd Webber via The Really Useful Group head offices at the following address:

The Really Useful Group
17 Slingsby Place

How can I get Andrew Lloyd Webber’s autograph? 

As I’m sure you can imagine Andrew receives autograph requests from people all over the world and as it is simply not possible for him to respond to everyone, he prefers only to autograph items for charities with which he has a personal connection.

I would like Andrew Lloyd Webber to listen to my demo 

The Company has always received a great deal of unsolicited work and for legal reasons Andrew Lloyd Webber is advised never to review it personally.

We are sorry to disappoint you but unsolicited material we receive will be returned unopened.

Where can I find the Andrew Lloyd Webber website? 

You can find Andrew Lloyd Webber’s website here

Would you like to produce the musical I have written? 

We are sorry to disappoint you but our production plans are secured at present, and therefore we are not considering unsolicited works and any submissions sent to us will be returned unopened.

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