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Kevin Colson  

For the first time in 27 years, Kevin Colson is once again working in Australia and he’s loving it. “When they asked me if I would play George in Aspects in Australia, I said: Great! A chance to look up old friends, sit on a beach, do some fishing and have some gloriously long lunches. It’s just like having a paid holiday!”

An instant success in the early days of Australian television, with Startime and In Sydney Tonight, he has had no trouble topping the bill in a wide range of London and New York productions. Whether replacing Keith Michel in Robert and Elizabeth, starring with Judi Dench in Cabaret or taking the lead in the world premiere of Tennessee Williams’ Eccentricities of a Nightingale, Kevin has met each challenge – splendidly.

The role of George in Aspects of Love is very much to his liking. He created the role in London and won a Tony nomination for it in New York. “George, as they say in the play, is a remarkable man. His generosity, both spiritually and materially, is exceptional. I abhor possessive friendships or relationships and support George’s philosophy of ‘Life goes on, love goes free.’ “He is a character close to my heart and even in the latter part of this story when, in his late 70s, George feels he is losing touch with his beloved daughter – I can sympathise with him. After all, I am the father of two boys of 18 and 20.”

Having run the gamut of television, radio and dramatic theatre and musicals, Kevin dropped out of ‘the business’ for 20 years. Britain’s North Sea oil fields were opening up and he and an associate obtained exploration licences and put together drilling consortiums. Other ventures followed. Says Kevin: “It’s the way of theatre that you often need a second occupation to fall back on. You can be in a production that runs for a year and the next one can fold in days. I have had experience of that. I was starring with Edward Woodward in A Tale of Two Cities. It was a spectacular flop. The next role was some time in coming.”

With a house on the River Thames in Putney, London is now very much Kevin’s home. London agrees with him. “As a young actor I roamed the world living out of a suitcase. It was a wonderful lifestyle at the time. But I thought I would put it behind me when I grew older and had family responsibilities. “I now find I am at the whim of Andrew Lloyd Webber and other producers. And if they want me to live out of a suitcase in New York or Sydney or wherever, then so be it. ‘Life goes on . . . love goes free’.”

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