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A special birthday for Cats!  
The show celebrates another milestone - its 25th year on stage in Hungary...
Cats celebrates its 25th birthday in Hungary

25 years on stage

The opening night of Cats was 25 years ago, and the musical of Andrew Lloyd Webber continues at Madách Theatre. This has broken every theatrical record in Hungary. On the last night show, which was the 1,254th everyone appeared on the stage who ever took part in the production.

Magyar Hírlap online 25. March 2008.   Gábor Bóta

The Day of Cats

400 children wearing Cats costumes and make up dance in Hero’s Square, Budapest, to celebrate the 25th birthday of the world-famous musical. The show, with music composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber and based on the poems of T. S. Eliot, was first performed at the Madach Theatre on 25th March 1983, which was only the second venue for the record-breaking show.  The number of productions worldwide are close to 1,300.  The musical has been seen by over 1,5 million visitors in the past 25 years – enough to form a queue all the way to Lake Balaton!

Blikk 26. March 2008.

Cats celebrates 25 years on stage!

The success of Cats began 25 years ago, and the show is still a record-breaking hit. The Cats cast were celebrating with an anniversary performance.  The anniversay party started in the afternoon when the 400 pupils of Madách Academy were dancing on Heros Square.  After that on the anniversary performance everyone appeared who ever took part in the show.

Népszava online 26th March 2008.

Posted on: 1st September 2008

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