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Andrew takes his Eurovision to Russia  
Andrew Lloyd Webber meets Russian Prime Minster Vladimir Putin.
Andrew Lloyd Webber meets Vladimir Putin

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s campaign for victory in Europe has begun. Today Andrew met Vladimir Putin and secured the Russian Prime Minister’s own personal vote for the UK entry in next year’s Eurovision Song Contest which is being held in Moscow.

The two men met at Prime Minister Putin’s dacha. They spoke for nearly an hour about a wide range of serious matters including Russia’s relationship with Europe, its relationship with the UK as well as the Eurovision Song Contest.

Andrew Lloyd Webber said: “At least we’ve got one vote in the bag.”

Elaine Bedell, Controller Entertainment Commissioning said: “This was an historic meeting – Andrew Lloyd Webber meets Prime Minster Putin – to discuss the UK’s prospects in Eurovision.”

The interview will be shown during the first show of BBC One’s Your Country Needs You on Saturday night early next year.

Posted on: 15th November 2008

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