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Calling all Phantom film fans  
We are having our final ebay auction of memorabilia.. Everything has to go!
The Phantom of the Opera movie poster

The Really Useful Group are delighted to announce that there will be one final eBay auction for the last remaining props and costumes from The Phantom of the Opera movie, starting at midday (UK time) on Saturday 8th July. Each item will be listed for a five day duration. Many of the most valuable items have already been sold in earlier auctions, but we hope this means that many people who missed out previously will get a chance to acquire something more affordable.

Please note that this final sale is the result of the warehouse storing the Phantom film items closing at short notice and therefore due to time restraints the item descriptions may not be as detailed or specific as in previous auctions – we ask for your patience and understanding. For many of these items we have not been able to state the scene of the film in which it was worn/used, or the character who wore/used it. Please accept that we will not be able to answer questions such as this from the ebay listings.

The 270 items will include a few masquerade costumes, masquerade masks, several signed posters, the final Phantom masks and one or two beautiful dresses such as Christine’s ‘Think of Me’ dress and Carlotta’s ‘Prima Donna’ dress…

Click here for the auction.

Posted on: 27th June 2006

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