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Eurovision: From A to UK… continued  
As Jade Ewen prepares for the big day, Mark Cook continues his round up of the 42 songs in this year's Eurovision Song Contest.
Niels Brinck, who sings the Danish entry

We know UK Eurovision entry Jade Ewen will be singing “It’s My Time,” written by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Diane Warren, on 16th May – but what of the other Eurovision entries? This week our Euroblogger Mark gives us his rundown on some of the other Eurovision submissions – from Denmark to Hungary.

Odds supplied by Paddy Power, correct at 17th April 2009.

Ronan Keating co-wrote this with a couple of Danes, and you can tell. “Believe Again,” sung by Niels Brinck, has a slight country edge and easy listening feel.

Violins are big this year, and the odds on this prove their popularity. Urban Symphony features lady cellists and a sultry dark-eyed lead singer. “Randajad” is a mid-tempo ballad with a hint of Enya.

Where’s Waldo? Singing for Finland, that’s what. “Lose Control,” sing the quartet Waldo’s People in this riot of rock/pop/rap/dance/techno that is straight out of the mid-Nineties.

Patricia Kaas is one of France’s biggest stars and a class act for Eurovision. Too classy, maybe, with the ballad “S’il fallait le faire.” Minimalist and moody, it’s a little uncompromising for the excesses of Eurovision.

Last year Macedonia were edged out by a jury vote for Sweden but this year they’re back with the rocky “Next Time.”

Georgia has withdrawn its song We Don’t Wanna Put In, after it was declared too political in its naming of Russia’s top man (Put In, geddit?). After a ruling by the EBU, Georgia refused to change the lyric or enter a new song.

After coming equal last with the UK last year, Germany has gone back to the jazz/swing sound it often enters, though without conspicuous success. Smoothie American Oscar Loya sings “Miss Kiss Kiss Bang,” and it’s a not half bad piece of jazz.

Hunky Adonis Sakis Rouvas is one of Greece’s top stars, who competed with “Shake It” in 2004 – complete with back flip – and came 3rd. He went on to co-host the contest when it was held in Athens in 2006. He’ll be singing “This is Our Night,” and will no doubt be busting a few sexy moves… This will do well.

It’s third time lucky for Hungary as two previous acts chosen for this year’s contest withdrew. Zoli Adol performs “Dance With Me,” a 70s disco number with a touch of Earth, Wind and Fire. Judging by his penchant for shiny fabrics and swivelling hips, Zoli has clearly been in, or is auditioning to be in, the Magyar version of Strictly.

Mark Cook (watching Eurovision since 1967)

Mark Cook is a journalist and theatre critic for the Guardian Guide and The Big Issue

Posted on: 17th April 2009

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