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Love Never Dies worldwide DVD release dates  
Find out when Love Never Dies will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray in your territory.
Ben Lewis and Anna O'Byrne

Love Never Dies is scheduled for release on DVD in and Blu-Ray in the below territories.* This list will be updated as and when we have further release information, so if you don’t spot your country on the list below, make sure you check back for further updates.

February 2012

7th – Philippines
8th – Australia
8th – Italy
8th – New Zealand
9th – Austria
9th – Germany
9th – Switzerland
9th – Thailand
14th – Hong Kong
14th – Macau
21st – Korea
22nd – Japan
29th – Bahrain
29th – Egypt
29th – Jordan
29th – Kuwait
29th – Lebanon
29th – Oman
29th – Qatar
29th – Saudi Arabia
29th – Syria
29th – UAE
29th – Yemen

March 2012

7th – India
8th – Poland
12th – UK – You can click here to order the UK DVD in our online shop, and here to order the Blu-Ray.
14th – Belgium
14th – Netherlands
19th – Botswana
19th – Indian Ocean Islands
19th – Lesotho
19th – Namibia
19th – South Africa
19th – Swaziland
19th – Zambia
19th – Zimbabwe
22nd – Iceland

April 2012

4th – Denmark
4th – Finland
4th – Norway
4th – Sweden
18th – Spain
25th – Brazil

May 2012

1st – China
10th – Hungary
14th – Malaysia
21st – Romania
29th – USA and Canada

June 2012

6th – Argentina
6th – Ecuador
6th – Paraguay
6th – Peru
6th – Uraguay
13th – Chile
13th – Columbia

*Please note – all release date information is subject to change. The DVD will be released in the relevant territory’s appropriate region code on the dates given above. The Blu-Ray disc is region-free, however the DVD featured in the Blu-Ray Double Play pack will be encoded to the relevant region.

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Posted on: 25th January 2012

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