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Starlight celebrates 15th birthday  
1,600 invited guests came to Bochum to congratulate the terrific roller-skating musical.
Starlight Express Bochum artwork

On Sunday the 15th June 2003 at 7 o’clock the time had come: the most successful musical in the world celebrated it’s 15th birthday with a festive gala. The young steam-engine Rusty and the other “trains” welcomed the 1,600 invited guests out of entertainment, politics, economy and sport on their arrival at the theatre forecourt.

In the jubilee-show the audience was filled with enthusiasm when the terrific “engines” in amazing costumes and masks rolled over the stage and created breathtaking stunts. Ross Anthony from Bro’Sis, Dolly Buster, Sven Martinek, Hans Meiser, Uwe Hübner, Jean Pütz, Norbert Schramm, Tanja Szewczenko, Daisy Lang, Katja Ebstein, Cosima von Borsody and major Ernst-Otto Stüber – plus many others, were fascinated.

The highlight of the jubilee-show was the final when hundreds of silver stars came down from the ceiling of the auditorium. While sparkling fireworks were let off, a huge “15 year symbol” floated down to the stage. During this ceremony the actors were doing laps of honour and some popular guests put skates on to run with the Starlighters over the tracks. There was no stopping for Norbert Schramm, Hans Meiser, Sven Martinek, Dolly Buster and Tanja Szewczenko.

At the following after-show-party in the lobby and the theatre-forecourt, the guests celebrated with the actors and employees of the theatre into the early hours. During varied supporting acts a futuristic gourmet-buffet with star-decorations was handed. 1,400 litres of sparkling wine, 3,000 starters, 450 kg of espresso-mousse and 3,000 stars-cookies were served. While a band was playing “Happy Birthday” the Starlight Express actors brought a huge gâteau in the shape of a steam-engine into the foyer.

The guests received the Starlight Express jubilee-magazine and the new Starlight Express maxi CD as remembrance-gift. The CD includes the songs “Crazy” and “Allein im Licht der Sterne” and the new version of the title song Starlight Express: all five cast-members of the main character Rusty are singing this song together. The CD and the magazine are available in the theatre-lobby.

Posted on: 15th June 2003

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