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Starlight welcomes a very special visitor  
Starlight Express in Bochum celebrated its 10,000,000th visitor on Wednesday…
Greaseball and Gang, Starlight Bochum

Cornelia Liebig from Lüdenscheid is the 10,000,000 Starlight Express spectator.

For months now, Starlight Express – currently the most successful musical in the world – has been excitedly awaiting its 10,000,000 visitor. The chance of being our guest of honour was open to everybody, simply by purchasing a ticket. Yesterday evening the time came, and the Starlight Express team celebrated its 10,000,000 visitor!

A complex laser show had been designed especially for this evening, after which Cornelia Liebig from Lüdenscheid was surprised by Andrea Friedrichs, the producer of the musical. She presented the 36-year-old publican with a ‘life sentence’ ticket to the spectacular musical on roller skates. And there was more: under a silver rain of stars and accompanied by thunderous applause, an extravagant, dark-blue Ford Ka came onto the stage. Cornelia Liebig, who had travelled to the event with her family, couldn’t believe her eyes: “this is absolutely amazing – and on my tenth anniversary as well! It is going to be a lot of fun driving around in this wonderful car.”

10,000,000 spectators – no other current musical production in the world can boast such a record number of visitors, not even the shows in Broadway or the West End of London. For the last 15 years , the spectacular roller-skating musical has been thrilling audiences with its acrobatic speed and exciting songs for all the family. 10,000,000 visitors – if they all stood in a line, it would be 10,000 km long, which is the distance from Bochum to Los Angeles! The entire population of Peking could have visited Starlight Express or even everyone in the country of Belgium!

Posted on: 1st April 2003

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