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Want to perform The Beautiful Game?  
The Boys in the Photograph is available to amateur schools and groups!

Premiered in London as The Beautiful Game in 2000, the show received outstanding reviews. Chris Tarrant on Capital Radio described it as, “Incredibly funny, incredibly sad with beautiful music”, and Charles Spencer in the Telegraph said, “The music includes some of Lloyd Webber’s most haunting ballads.”

Set in Belfast between 1969 and 1972, The Boys In The Photograph concerns the fortunes of a group of young men and women centred around a local youth football team. These young people have the misfortune to come of age at the beginning of a time of terrible trouble in Northern Ireland, and the drama follows their efforts to live their lives against a backdrop of ever increasing sectarian division and violence. Some of the characters are drawn into the conflict, others stand aside wanting only to be allowed to get on with their lives in peace.

Ever since its initial London production, The Boys In The Photograph has been successfully performed around the world and as far away as South Africa and Canada. In February 2012 the cross-community group Fusion Theatre staged an award winning production in Lisburn, Northern Ireland.

Speaking about the show’s release to Amateur Societies, Ben Elton said, “The Boys in the Photograph is the story of a community. A community facing the terrible challenges of sectarian violence and religious intolerance. The young people depicted, all struggling to live their lives and fulfil their dreams as violence engulfs their world, must each one make a choice. A choice between the corrupting power of hatred and the redeeming power of love. I am therefore truly thrilled that this work is to be made available to amateur groups and schools. Groups of people who, had the the misfortune to be born into troubled times, would be facing exactly the same challenges of love and loyalty as the young men and women in this story.”

Andrew Lloyd Webber said “I am delighted that groups all over the world are getting the chance to perform The Boys In The Photograph. The show is set in Northern Ireland, but the themes are universal and it could just as easily have been set in Kosovo, Beirut or Jerusalem.”

The Boys In The Photograph, is available, immediately, for performance by Amateur Societies and schools worldwide. Release dates and availability of materials may vary from country to country so please check with your local agent.


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Posted on: 14th May 2013

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