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Read what the press said about the original production of Cats at the New London Theatre, May 1981

“This brilliantly imaginative show.”
“A celebration.”
“We rejoice with Paul Nicholas playing a ‘Hip’ cat.”
“Ingenious and acrobatic production numbers… I really started to purr with pleasure.”
“Wayne Sleep spins around the stage like a runaway top.”
“The setting is a miracle of design…magical…”
“Director Trevor Nunn and choreographer Gillian Lynne have conceived an exciting and colourful show. Quite unique among musicals.”
“It should do for cats what Disney’s Mickey and Minnie did for mice”
Daily Mirror, 13.5.81

“John Kenny’s revolutionary theatre at last realises its potential.”
“John Napier’s stunning costumes…”
“The evening’s centre is a 15 minute ballet of sustained ingenuity and marvellous switched rhythms…”
“Director Trevor Nunn injects warmth and detail of characterisation into the evening.”
“Real plaudits must be reserved for choreographer Gillian Lynne. For years it seemed impossible that the British could produce their own original dance musical. But here it is. A company of outstanding singers and dancers.”
“Explosive narrative invention…”
“Lushly orchestrated…”
“David Hersey’s colourful lighting…”
“The effect is overwhelming.”
“Wayne Sleep pirouetting irresistibly… magical Kenn Wells stops the show…”
“Lloyd Webber’s scope is thoughtfully accommodating towards Eliot’s rhythms, continuously inventive.”
“All children from about 10 years upwards should hurry along.”
Michael Coveney, Financial Times

“A triumphant piece of musical theatre.”
“The sheer volume of impeccable high talent which has been so generously poured into the show…”
Cats is a magnificent marriage of words, music, dancing, design and direction.”
“A production of riveting intensity…”
“This supremely theatrical composer [Andrew Lloyd Webber] has created another marvellously sonorous score in the tradition of Superstar and Evita, as the foundation of the show’s magic.”
“Lloyd Webber’s most remarkable gift burns constant as ever. Evocative melodies and fine orchestrations.”
“Riches in profusion, always inspiring the performers… Wayne Sleep erupts in breath-stopping balletic somersaults…”
“Stephen Tate … in a splendid music hall song, pathos and humour perfectly balanced”
“Stunning…the show moves in an ascending curve of music…”
“The composer’s most dazzling pre-interval coup is an astonishing explosion of dance springing from Latin and disco rhythms…”
“The music is magnificent and is excellently played. It’s quality is matched by Nunn’s spectacular direction, by the inspired choreography of Gillian Lynne, by John Napier’s imaginative rubbish dump set; by the flat our efforts of an all-singing, all dancing cast who show convincingly that London can match Broadway.”
“Cats is among the most exhilarating and innovative musicals ever staged”
Derek Jewell, Sunday Times

“Superb solos by that tiny, dynamic dancer; Wayne Sleep.”
“Extraordinary ingenuity…”
“The work of the company is both enthusiastic and skilled.”
Sunday Telegraph – Francis King

“A squad of quite splendid singer-dancers.”
“A great miaow of a hit.”
John duPre, Sunday People

“A driving ecstatic ballet that must be the most exciting number ever seen in a British musical.”
“A firework display by Paul Nicholas.”
“The show’s technical excellence… David Hersey’s lighting, Abe Jacob’s sound, both superb.”
“As a dance musical Cats knocks spots off Mr Fosse’s Dancin’
“Don’t miss it.”
The Observer

“One of the few hot tickets in town.”
“The whole company dances at the audience in a way, which demands one’s enthusiasm.”
Sunday Times

“His melodies are both apt and tuneful. Imaginatively staged by Trevor Nunn.”
“Choreographer Gillian Lynne has created some entrancing dances for the versatile cast.”
Sunday Mirror

“A high pressure theatrical experience that explodes with British talent”
“Sensational dancing Paul Nicholas…. devastating.”
“The majestic direction of Trevor Nunn.”
Sunday Express

Posted on: 30th May 1981

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