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The Beautiful Game, original London Production

Read what the press said about the original production of The Beautiful Game.

“A boldly different musical.”
“Meryl Tankard’s choreography is excellent… Lloyd Webber’s best score since Aspects of Love.”
Michael Billington, The Guardian

“Brave, engaging and heartfelt.”
Michael Coveney, Daily Mail

The Beautiful Game is a show with real heart.”
“The music includes some of Lloyd Webber’s most haunting ballads… Robert Carsen’s production has a fine spare strength and isn’t afraid to go straight for the gut.”
Charles Spencer, Daily Telegraph

“I sat there gobsmacked – it is brilliant. Incredibly funny, incredibly sad with beautiful music – I absolutely loved it. It opens on Tuesday, and after that tickets are going to be like gold dust… It is absolutely stunning. Go!”
Chris Tarrant, Capital Radio

“A dramatic, pioneering musical… that tells a powerful story…. Lloyd Webber refuses to rest on his laurels.”
Nicholas de Jongh, Evening Standard

“A bold, brave, commendable effort.”
Georgina Brown, Mail on Sunday

“A wonderful, wonderful musical.”
Terry Wogan, BBC Radio 2

“Andrew Lloyd Webber romps home with his finest piece of musical theatre ever. With this show, Andrew Lloyd Webber and his librettist, Ben Elton, have taken on a huge subject: real life, real death, real history, humanity at war with itself. The subject brings the best out of Andrew Lloyd Webber. Andrew Lloyd Webber’s music has great sophistication as well as cunning theatricality and deep feeling. Elton’s book and lyrics burst with energy, indignation and intelligence. Brave and bitterly truthful… this show… need not fear comparison with West Side Story. Offhand, I cannot think of greater praise.”
John Peter, Sunday Times

“Elton’s narrative is clear, his lyrics commendably simple…
“The show is distinguished by the inventive, ethereal beauty of the score, the spirit of a terrific young company and the staging of director Robert Carsen and choreographer Meryl Tankard…”
“A thumping anthem… romantic songs… staged with tremendous high-kicking flair… Josie Walker, bell-voiced and beautiful…”
Michael Coveney, Daily Mail

“The choreography – the ballet of football, with every player ducking and diving, sniffing and spitting, kick-dancing and Riverdancing in his own way – is superb, the cast of match-fit youngsters have talent and energy and act their boots off (the Belfast accents are wonderfully lyrical), and the whole is staged with stark and striking simplicity and economy against black brick walls.”
Georgina Brown, Mail on Sunday

“The numbers bring a rare kind of softness to the West End…the cast is excellent.”
Alistair Macauley, Financial Times

“A story of innocent youth wanting to live and love in peace… The superb voiced Josie Walker as Mary… emerges as the star of the show … ‘All the Love That I Have’ is the best song of leave-taking in any musical I’ve seen.”
Robert Gore-Langton, Daily Express

“Full-throated anthems… hard-edged, exuberant choreography.”
Paul Taylor, The Independent

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