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A Phan’s farewell  
A loyal fan of The Phantom of the Opera in Madrid, Sandra sent us her account of her final (for now!) Phantom experience.
The Phantom of the Opera

First, saturday night:

I went to the theatre just before the show begin…I had to prepare one surprise, hehe! I was dressed as Christine. I choose the Masquerade costume and the dark blue cloack which she wears at the graveyard scene. I entered in the dressing-rooms and I met a lot of new people!

There were Carlotta, Mr. Firmin, Andre…even Lefevre and Buquet!

Everybody was telling me that I was great with that dress!*blushes!* I met some Directors and Managers of the musical and they guided me to the Christine and Phantom dressing-rooms. My friend Luis Amando (The Phantom) was with the make-up in that moment, so I went first to Teresa Barrientos’s (Christine) dressing-room. Oh, she was wearing Hannibal’s dress, and she was really pretty! She loved my dress, and she was lovely with me! She showed me all the Phantom and Christine dresses…woow, what great costumes!! And I didn’t know that the Phantom wears a different kind of cloak when he is in the golden angel!

When Luis was ready (what gorgeous make-up and costume!) I could take some pics with him – really elegant!

I went quickly to see the show with all my group of friends. I was so glad seeing all of them again!!

The show was gorgeous as always, and…when it finished, just when Meg is showing the mask to the audience, I race up quickly and began to run through the main corridor. I entered to the dressing-rooms place where a musical manager was waiting me with three big bouquets of flowers. Yes, I gave three bouquets to the main actors at the stage!!

That’s why I had to be before in the dressing-rooms place…because I had to know where and how I had to give the flowers! The stage is connected with the dressing-rooms, so I ran through this place with the flowers, and I had to wait at one side of the stage.

I could see all the actors saluting the audience and I could hear all my friends’ “bravos”, but I couldn’t enter in the stage till the musical manager said to me “now!”

Wow, what a moment, my friend! I won’t be able to forget it ever!

I gave the first bouquet to Raoul who had a smiling happy face and told me “thank you, pretty girl”. Second, I gave the flowers to Christine who hugged me and said me “thank you, what a surprise!”, she was really touched! And at last, the Phantom ; he kissed me on the cheeks and when I was about to go out of the stage, Christine (Teresa) and the Phantom (Luis), said me “no, no, take our hands, you must be here with us in the last ovation”.

I was so excited and touched! All my friends and all the whole theatre applauding us!

Next day, Sunday, we had our gorgeous dinner-reunion!

First we went to the Theatre in order to take some photos of the whole group with some members of the Phantom cast who were in our dinner too: Juan Carlos Barona (Phantom), Julia Moller (Christine). There were some friends dressed as Phantom chacracters too!

It was so funny and nice! Then, we went to the restaurant…more than 70 friends! Teresa Barrientos (Christine) could come with us too, and Armando Pita (Raoul), Ruth Nabal (Carlotta), Angels Jimenez (Madame Giry) came too. It was a great dinner indeed!!!

So, I think this wasn’t a farewell…I hope this friendship among fans, and this love of the Phantom and musicals will endure forever!

Posted on: 1st June 2004

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