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Connie on Connie  
In the final part of our interview with Connie Fisher, she reveals a few of her favourite things...
Connie Fisher in The Sound of Music

Have you ever made your own clothes? Not necessarily out of curtains!

No, I haven’t. But I make jewellery!

Have you ever been to Salzburg?

Yes, when I did the documentary for the BBC on the real Maria. It gave me a real insight into the true story but I think it is much nicer to tell the fairy tale version. It is much more interesting for the stage. I think that the reality of the family getting on a train at the end of the garden is not an ideal end to a musical!

What are your favourite things?

Ah – the most frequently asked question! If I had a pound everytime I was asked that! Watching 24! Chocolate. I love acting. Making jewellery. And I love playing badminton now too.

Do you have any phobias?

I am really not very keen on spiders.

What’s your favourite musical song?

‘The Rhythm of Life’. It gets me so excited. I went to watch Sweet Charity at the Royal Academy recently and it was so exciting! That is a show I would love to do one day.

What kind of music do you like singing along to in the shower?

I do scales when I am in the shower. But on my iPod I like listening to Michael Jackson at the moment a lot. I also like Karen Carpenter, Nina Simone. Quite low stuff nowadays (Connie laughs). Lots of different kinds of music.

During your break from Maria you have been in front of the camera – again – on TV. Is this something you would like to pursue after the tour?

I would love to do more straight drama. And for TV I think I would cope with that really well as an actor. But singing wise this is my last big venture until I reach a point where things even out a bit and I can fully trust my voice.

Any particular roles?

I would love to play the Doctor’s assistant in Doctor Who. Or Torchwood! I should ask John (Barrowman)! My mother heard that there was going to be a production of Wurzel Gummidge and contacted the producer to tell them that her daughter would be perfect for the role of Aunt Sally!

Where do you see your future?

Ultimately I would like to go into TV as a producer. I am extremely creative and I have to channel that energy somehow. If I can’t be on stage then I definitely want to be involved in the arts. I have some crazy ideas and in no other field aside from the arts would they be accepted!

But for now, it is just wonderful just to be back on stage.

Posted on: 15th September 2009

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