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Evita – Behind the scenes…  
Find out about the build up to a West End opening in our new production diary...

After months and months (over a year for some) of planning, booking a cast, hiring a creative and production team, finding rehearsals rooms, the first day of rehearsals finally arrived.

On 18th April 31 actors, a music department of four, a stage management team of five, and almost an entire creative team all descended on a rehearsal room in  London.

Because not all of the creative team were able to be there for the first day, the meet and greet (where all the cast, creative and production teams get together and introduce themselves to each other) didn’t take place until Thursday.  By this point everyone that should be in the country has arrived, which is always a relief for a Production Assistant to know that you haven’t left anybody stranded at an airport and that they are all settled in their new home for the next 10 weeks.

The meet and greet is the first real opportunity for everyone to meet everyone else that is involved in the production from Andrew Lloyd Webber to Mark the Advertising Manager who is responsible for making sure everyone’s names are in the programme (amongst other things). 

Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber spoke about Evita, and what it means to them to bringing the show back to the West End 27 years after it first played at The Prince Edward Theatre.   

For most people this was also the first time that they had seen the model box for the show.  This is a mini version of what the show will actually look like on stage at the Adelphi, and where the cast are going to be spending the next 12 months for eight shows a week.  As the model was revealed there was an audible gasp around the room.

For the rest of the week Simon Lee has been putting everyone through their paces learning the music for the show, and Rob Ashford has begun to teach the dance steps.

On the production front, Richard Bullimore, Production Manager and his team are going to have a very busy weekend, as Chicago performs its last show at the Adelphi and the fit up starts for Evita.

Im off now to make sure that the Director has somewhere to park his car for the next four weeks.

All in all I think we’re in for a very busy and exciting time ahead.

Katy Bryant – Evita Production Assistant (aka Production “Goddess”!)

Posted on: 21st April 2006

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