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Evita – the first state school production, blog 2  
Northampton School for Boys' Luke Drewell continues his blog as the school rehearses for their production of Evita...

Northampton School for Boys recently became the first state school in the UK to stage Evita – after the rights became available to high schools and colleges in the UK & Eire. Luke Drewell talks us through the school’s rehearsal schedule…

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Week Two

The tickets have now officially gone on sale – and selling very quickly. With only five weeks until opening night the rehearsal schedule is now up and everyone has been working extremely hard this week – with our first Saturday rehearsal!

This week has been very productive. The choreography is well under way and the basis of the opening numbers have now been formed. “Buenos Aires” – proving to be a very energetic number – is looking of a very high standard … and we’re only in week 2!  Eva’s nearly been dropped a couple of times as we’ve watched her being lifted up to great heights – and still singing!

Saturday proved to be the big rehearsal. We managed to start work on the opening numbers so now everyone vaguely knows what they’re doing for the start… still the rest of Act 1 and Act 2 to go now though. Everyone knows the structure and we can go from the beginning through to “Buenos Aires” – an excellent start. However, these rehearsals are beginning to take their toll upon the cast. Although everyone’s very enthusiastic about this and is excited watching it being put together, I know I can say that getting enough sleep is going to be vital. 

So this week was mainly focused upon the choreography but there were a couple of rehearsal slots to focus on the singing. We have been getting to grips with the different harmonies and working together as a group to make a fantastic sound. Now the lead roles have had time to get to grips with their role and songs they all seem to be making excellent progress – knowing when to come in and ‘hitting those notes!’ So far we’ve only been singing along to a piano but soon the band will be in which really will lift the show and take it to its’ peak. The bands for the previous productions have been astonishing so this year is certainly something to look forward to – and obviously they’ve got their work cut out!

Check back soon for Luke’s next instalment… as the first performance looms.

Posted on: 8th April 2009

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