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Evita – the first state school production, blog 3  
In Luke Drewell's final Evita blog, rehearsals are heating up as opening night at Northampton School for Boys looms...

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Week Six

With just over a week until the first performance, time is of the essence and people are a little panic stricken! The rehearsals have been stepped up a gear with the Saturday rehearsals and various other late rehearsals during the week and the cast are working round their other commitments to be at these rehearsals. Evita is a huge musical for a school to put on in so little time but I can tell you we’re heading in the right direction for one of the best musicals.

The choreography is now in place and just needs a few ‘tweaks’ here and there to make it of a high standard. The choreography is so demanding and with the big dance numbers anything can happen! Saying that though many of the cast members are practicing outside of the rehearsals in order to make this show work. It’s safe to say that people will be amazed by the quality of the dancing, singing and acting from our cast members and when I say big dance numbers – I mean big! There’s spins, lifts, ‘fancy footwork’, the lot!

So, a lot of work has gone into this so far. People know which dance moves are for which songs and where they are placed within the show. We are able to run the majority of the show. Costumes are now being made and people have been measured for various dresses and suits, with Evita having a huge array of different dresses for the show. There’s so many costumes needed the costume room is becoming a little hectic – but in a controlled and civilised manner!

So six weeks in and it’s all coming together so well. It all looks awesome and everyone is having such a laugh doing it. The cast are getting on so well and I know everyone is really enjoying doing this. You can just imagine what it’ll look like when the technical and the band get added in. We have received the scores and the band has been put together and rehearsals are now under way! The bands have always been of a high calibre and if the previous musicals are anything to go by this is going to huge!

Northampton School for Boys’ production of Evita was performed on 31st March, 1st and 2nd April 2009.

Posted on: 21st April 2009

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