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JCS Arena Tour Cast Blog – Russell Smith (Pt 2)  
Russell Smith


So some of you may have seen my first video introducing myself – but for those of you who haven’t I shall tell you a bit about myself here!

I go by the nickname Wussey and I am busy rehearsing away for Jesus Christ Superstar as Dance Captain. As well as having my own ensemble track in the show, it is my job to learn all of the parts whether they be leads, supporting roles or ensemble. I keep a record of every detail in my “bible” – which has a copy of all of the choreography, staging, props, entrances and exits, and maps of everyones blocking.

It may sound full on but I LOVE MY JOB! I have been Dance Captain for Dirty Dancing, as well as working on shows such as Mamma Mia, Fame, and Grease The Musical.

Today was a great day for me as we spent our time working on the number “Superstar” and I am really excited about it! Everyone is working so hard and the atmosphere in the studio is great! I just can’t wait for you guys to see all of our hard work come together!

I will be making lots more videos with all the gossip so please send in your questions and if you have any fun ideas of what you want us to get up then let me know!

In the meantime I’m just going to back to dancing with Mel C! (“Colours of the world….SPICE UP YOUR LIFE!!!)

You can follow me on twitter @russellsmithuk or get in touch through the official twitter account @JCSthemusical


Posted on: 23rd August 2012

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