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Jesus Christ Superstar Cast Blog – Ali Temple (Pt 2)  

Hi again. So now things are in full swing at camp Jesus Christ Superstar. We are in full routine now. Bodies are adjusting to the new demands of a taxing and full rehearsal schedule. Our collective energies have aligned and the cast has moulded into finely tuned rehearsing machine.

From my perspective I feel like I have started to find my stride and am able to embrace and fully enjoy the hard work. Starting a new project like this is hard for so many different reasons. For example you might not know most or even all of your now fellow cast members. After a very short amount of time together you are expected to be able to gel as one unit, socially and professionally. To move exactly in time, sing as one voice, and to give yourself over whole heartedly to creativity.  The foundation of this is trust and mutual respect. All these requirements are of course at the very core of our profession and the key to this being so successful is the belief and understanding in the end result – The SHOW! Which I can happily say is very much the case here. Its an amazing and dedicated group of people.

Additionally the taxation of a new rehearsal schedule shocks even the most highly conditioned performers into being sore, drained of energy and mentally overloaded from the sheer influx of physical information that it is receiving. I find the best way to combat this is eat my own body weight in healthy food and, more tired I get, the more I train. Having a background in circus performance has programmed me with the necessity to feel in control of my body and its fitness. Not to be dictated to by aches and pains or low energy levels. During the tour we have to be able to do each and every show with as much passion, enthusiasm and energy as the first and this requires fitness and tenacity when you are tired. As well as this I have a lot of acrobatics to maintain too, and sadly that doesn’t take care of itself! A lot of physical training is my bread and butter. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.So what else has been happening? Well we had a surprise visit from Donny Osmond, who observed some of a rehearsal. More recently we had the composer himself, Andrew Lloyd Webber in to check out the work we have done so far…no pressure then!  We also have the excellent and lovely Melanie C with us now which means we are (almost) at full strength as a cast, which really makes all the difference. Lastly, as always we are plotting and rehearsing the scenes from the show.

So thats all for now. I hope you enjoyed a little insight into the physical side of what we go through before we get anywhere near an audience. Il be back in touch with more about the amazing creative and directorial team we have here next time and a round up of our week at the weekend. Be sure to keep up to date with JCS Tweets at @JCSTheMusical and myself on the job at @TheAliMovement

Thanks for reading.
Ali 🙂

Posted on: 23rd August 2012

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