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Joseph behind the scenes…blog 4  

This was written before Lee joined the cast

Firstly, apologies for not writing this blog for a while. It’s been too long and I hope this will not happen again. Every day I am making copious paper notes about what has been happening and who’s been doing what but I have been finding it a terrific struggle to find the time to write it out in ‘best’!

This week Preeya Kalidas, star of Bombay Dreams, joined us. She is playing the Narrator and although in stature she is tiny she has this amazing HUGE voice. Dean Collinson (Pharaoh) and Stephen Tate (Jacob/Potiphar) also joined the rest of the cast. More on them later. Preeya has in fact been in and around a fair amount and all of them have been rehearsing for some time on their own, so it’s not as if we haven’t seen them at all. We are now running parts of the show and gently joining sections together. It has been fantastic hearing new things as the sections come together. Preeya moves things forward and kind of acts as glue to join the sections together, so getting her in there as soon as possible has made the whole thing not only more coherent but also given it a very different dynamic. The sweat for me continues to pour. Everyday we run through the Megamix, tidy it up again and then run it again and of course again. We have had a rehearsal set for a week or so. Several bare wooden platforms and two sets of stairs. The Stage Management team move these into place manually as the scenes commence. Before we had this set, all of the rehearsal rooms had been meticulously marked out with tape of varying colours to match the position on the stage of various bits of set and props. This tape has to be redone quite a bit as the feet of the dancers…or should I say US dancers, scuff it off continually. We also have rehearsal props from the outset and some people have rehearsal costume; the girls that dance so brilliantly in the “One More Angel in Heaven” hoedown have rehearsal skirts and we also have a rehearsal Dreamcoat consisting of exactly one colour, cream. If only the real one was just one colour!!!!! I could then concentrate on the new set of things to learn…everyone’s surnames!!! You see all of our individual calls for rehearsals and costume fittings etc are being listed as Mr this and Miss that. Suddenly I realise that I now need to know everyone’s surname too! Colours, first names, Stage Management, Creatives, Company Management and now flippin’ surnames – my brain continues to ache.

Talking of costume, I had a fitting this week at the theatre. The first floor bar at the Adelphi has been turned into a temporary wardrobe department. There are costume rails and shoes and hats everywhere. Underneath all this clothing, thread, needles, scissors, glue, files and thimbles, I found Charlotte, wardrobe Top Boss, and some of her team.

Fiona and Lisa stripped me off (I hated that of course) and laced, fastened, pinned, stitched and forced various items of costume onto me. Then I was frog marched in front of a mirror to ensure that I realised the true extent of my humiliation in front these people I have been acquainted with for little more than ten minutes. Now I should get this into perspective. I am not saying the costumes are bad, uncomfortable, unstylish or unnecessary. I am, however, saying that I wouldn’t slip into any of them for my Aunty Mary’s 80th birthday party unless it happened to be a Joseph fancy dress do of course. As you can see I do look a real picture. Get that body!!! I am particularly keen on the

urple, zip-up jump suit with patent leather blue Chelsea boots and cod piece! A great thing about going for the costume fitting at the theatre was that I got to see how the stage was progressing.

I was a bit disappointed actually as there were no indications of Mark Thompson’s wonderful set. There is such an enormous amount of work to do before the set gets anywhere near the stage and there was just a team of very sweaty people doing stuff; lots of wires and lighting bars and boxes and, of course, loads of Gaffa Tape! I still find all of that pre-production stage work interesting to watch but not particularly interesting to write about. I don’t really have any idea of what they are doing and they are far too busy to answer my questions, although if I did make the effort I am sure they would oblige, but I also had another sweaty rehearsal to get back to. On the way out I noticed that the front of the theatre now had the Joseph livery in place…very exciting. 

By close of play on Saturday, spirits were high. A great deal of good work has been done this week and our principles have been showing their wares as it were and they are all just great. “They are all just great!”…Get me! – I hope this isn’t turning into an “everything and everybody in the Company is marvellous” diary although sometimes is does feel like it. I will write down issues if they arise but so far there is just nothing juicy, gossip-wise, to write about.

John Alastair
June 2007
Posted on: 3rd July 2007

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