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Joseph cast members’ Marathon Training blog  
Kate and Mark are still in training... and it's been a tough week.

It’s getting close – the excitement mounts as the Big Day approaches…


Sun 9th March

Adidas Silverstone Half Marathon today. Weather forecast for the day: Gale force winds and torrential rain! Great! Actually, it was just a bit breezy and overcast. Perfect running weather! It’s the official 13.1 mile warm up race and Kate Tydman and I both took part. We were running at different times so didn’t see each other before the race. I managed a Personal Best of 1hr 50mins which works out at about 8:30mins per mile. Won’t be able to run the Marathon at this pace, but it’s good to know the training is paying off. Got a nice shiny medal too!! Alright!!

Wed 12th March

Missed yesterdays session, so making up for it today! Don’t know if that’s a good idea or not but sometimes you have to bend the rules, right?! Oh now I’m worried that you can’t bend these rules?!? Oh well fingers crossed!

Wed 19th March

Ran 20 miles before the 2 shows today! Hoorah! The longest training run is now over, just got to keep the miles up with 4 shorter runs per week for the next 2 weeks. I can really look forward to the big day now! Got into the dressing room and was starving! Thanks to the Ladies that got the Cheesecake for the cast, it was amazing! Russell (Butler) brought me in an energy bar, and managed to blag a few Snack-a-Jacks from Nathaniel (Napthali) and then drank my way through about 3 litres of Lucozade!! I went to the toilet so many times during the show; maybe I should’ve got Stage Management to pop a Porta-loo at the side of the stage?! Anyway, on the way down to warm up I tried to find some chocolate, but no luck. So I decided to go to the Girl’s room, they always have nice sweets!! Yum! Fizzy Sparkly Cola bottles!! The next time I type will be after the big day!! EXCITED!!!!!!! Oh yes, if any of you want to come out onto the Marathon Course and support us, I have listed below a rough time guide of when I’ll be passing which mile point. I believe Kate should be running at around these times as well. I will be wearing my Pink Wellchild charity vest with MARK in yellow letters on the front!! Give us cheer!!! A big thank you to all of you that have sponsored me. If you haven’t, there’s still time! Just go to and donate away!! Thank you so much for all your support. Fingers Crossed!

Mile 1 Starting at Greenwich Park 9:55am
Mile 2 Charlton Park Road 10:05am
Mile 3 John Wilson Street 10:15am
Mile 4 Woolwich Church Street 10:26am
Mile 5 Woolwich Road 10:36am
Mile 6 Trafalgar Road (Nearest Train – Maize Hill) 10:46am
Mile 7 Cutty Sark 10:57am
Mile 8 Evelyn Street 11:07am
Mile 9 Surry Quays Road (Nearest Tube is Canada Water) 11:17am
Mile 10 Salter Road 11:28am
Mile 11 Brunel Road (Nearest Tube is Canada Water) 11:38am
Mile 12 Tooley Street (Nearest Tube is London Bridge) 11:48am
Mile 13 The Highway (Nearest DLR is Shadwell) 11:58am
Mile 14 The Highway (Nearest DLR is Limehouse) 12:09pm
Mile 15 Heron Quay (Nearest DLR is Heron Quay) 12:19pm
Mile 16 Westferry Road 12:29pm
Mile 17 East Ferry Road (Nearest DLR is Mudchute) 12:40pm
Mile 18 Marsh Wall 12:50pm
Mile 19 North Colonade 1:00pm
Mile 20 Poplar High Street (Nearest DLR is Poplar) 1:11pm
Mile 21 Commercial Road (Nearest DLR is Limehouse) 1:21pm
Mile 22 Highway (Nearest DLR is Shadwell) 1:31pm
Mile 23 Lower Thames Street (Nearest Tube is Monument) 1:41pm
Mile 24 Victoria Embankment (Nearest Tube is Blackfriars) 1:52pm
Mile 25 Embankment (Nearest Tube is Embankment) 2:02pm
Mile 26 Birdcage Walk (Nearest Tube is St. James’ Park) 2:12pm
26.2 miles Finish on The Mall 2:15pm

Please bear in mind that we may be slightly quicker/slower on the day so please do add 10/15mins either side of these times to allow for this. Apologies in advance if we miss you!! If you click on the following link it will take you to the interactive map on the Official London Marathon web site, you can check the Mile Marker points. Oh yes, and where the pubs are!!

All the best. Mark.


16th March

Well after the buzz of Silverstone, i’m ashamed to say this week’s run was a total disaster and I feel thoroughly depressed. It was so awful, a terrible experience, i got lost, I got ill, i didn’t do the required mileage. Pants! Oh yes and in the matinee, my skirt ripped and fell off in the Apache so I was dancing in my pants and that evening in the same bit my top broke and Craig and I had to make sure the audience didn’t get more than they’d paid for! Great week.

23rd March

So it was tough at work this week, my legs were killing me after Sunday, luckily the guys in the cast are great and a couple of them took it in turns to massage my calves. Don’t think Mark got the same treatment! (Not sure he would have wanted it really!) Luckily I didn’t have to do the Apache until Thursday so I could recuperate! I seem to be sweating more these days it’s crazy! Glad to say 20 miles was a breeze! How does that work after last week being so hard!

30th March

Only 7 miles today, nice.

Think I’ve pulled a muscle in my side and i’m gonna blame Mark Oxtoby! A couple of nights ago when he was on for Reuben singing One More Angel, at the end of the HoeDown when Jacob catches us all celebrating, Mark comes back in through the door just about to sing but completely and utterly stacks it in the middle of the stage and loses his hat and wig! Now I’m blaming my pulled muscle on the amount of laughing we were all doing. Ace. A big thank you to all of you that have sponsored me. If you haven’t, there’s still time! Just go to and donate away!!

Posted on: 31st March 2008

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