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Joseph cast members’ Marathon Training blog  
In their second blog, Kate and Mark are stepping up the pace...


Weds 6th Feb

Well, the Revolve on the stage stopped working at the start of the matinee show. So we came out, kneeled down for the photo and the front cloth came in. It was like ‘Hello here we are’ The End! Can we not keep kneeling down please! I’ve run 7 miles this morning and we’re only on the first show!!!……..

Fri 15th Feb

The whole cast and crew take part in a syndicate for the Euro Lottery. £90million at the last count! Finger crossed!!

Sat 16th Feb

We won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 12.3pence each! Oh well. Better Luck next time! Oh yes. Been to the Doctors today and I don’t have a Tape Worm – apparently when you exercise more, you need more fuel?! Well, who’d have thought it?! Now I don’t know if anyone noticed this? And maybe it’s because of the running and the fact that I’m sweating more onstage, or maybe not? But tonight I got half way through ‘Canaan Days’ and my moustache started coming off! Every time I breathed in it was fine, but every time I started singing it went flapping around like a seal’s flipper that was attached to my upper lip!! In my mouth, up my nose, nice! Anyway, I knew there was a chance that it would make Lee (Joseph) laugh in Benjamin’s Calypso, so it had to come off! Now you see it now you don’t! And then Simeon was left with just a goatee!!

Sun 24th Feb

The longest run of the week, 15 miles. Jenny Eclair in her housecoat and slippers! Back to work on Monday. Looking forward to the cycle to and from work, as it gives me an extra 9 miles each day in training. Have to be careful that I’m not doing too much though, so some days I will be getting the bus. Otherwise it’ll be 54 miles before I’ve even started running! Only 7 weeks to go till the big day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SCARED!!!!!!


Fri 15th Feb

Actually in Rome for a few days holiday with my boyfriend! But of course we brought our running shoes! Actually it’s been a great way to discover the city. Today we ran down into ancient Rome and along to the Colosseum, it’s incredible, can’t wait to go visit it! Bump into a man dressed as a gladiator just walking around, thought for a second my luck was in and Russell Crowe was back in town!

Sun 2nd March

Did 17 miles today! Considering the 15 I did last Sunday nearly killed me I’m glad to say it was fine. I’ve been downloading novels onto my ipod to listen to as I run, It’s great, although I get so into it sometimes that I get lost! It can get a bit boring sometimes so that does help. Thing is I have to do some serious stretching as I’m on for the Apache dancer next week and just the thought of doing the splits is painful right now!

Mon 10th March

Mark and I both did the Silverstone half marathon yesterday. Was such a buzz! I loved it! Managed it in 1h55mins, so happy! Felt great most of the way. At 8 miles I had a few mins of feeling awful then the Eye of the Tiger came blasting out on the speaker and it was all good again! For the first time I got really excited about the atmosphere of the London Marathon, it’s going to be incredible. Bit of a scary moment when I was driving home and got cramp in my thigh but made it back via the Chinese take-away fine in the end.


Posted on: 9th March 2008

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