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Joseph cast members’ Marathon Training blog  
Joseph cast members Mark Oxtoby and Kate Tydman talk us through their training for the 2008 London Marathon.

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat cast members Mark Oxtoby and Kate Tydman aare preparing for this year’s London Marathon… and they’ll be talking us through thir paces in a series of blogs following their training progress.



Always wanted to run a marathon, always done a lot of sport, I enjoy pushing myself and new challenges and this is certainly the biggest so far. I’ve gone from “yeah I’m running the London marathon” to “well I’m training to run it in 4 and half hours but if i have to walk a bit then that’s fine” to “As long as I don’t die I’ll be happy”. But as time’s gone on and with training now well underway I’m glad to say I can’t wait, bring it on! I’m very proud to be running for Cardiac Risk in the Young. My best friend’s brother sadly passed away at the young age of 14 from a heart defect so this means a lot to me.

28th Jan

Big run yesterday, had to run for 2 hours straight round Virginia Water, it’s beautiful, my longest run yet. The last 10 mins was pretty tough, could barely lift my little chicken legs off the ground. Picked up the best chinese food on the way home, soon made me forget my sorrows. Was slightly worried when i got up to go to the loo in the night and realised my calves had been shortened several inches in my sleep could hardly walk! Good show tonight, legs felt fine, just a bit tight.

3rd Feb

Well after a few smaller runs in the week, I’m glad to say that today i ran for 2H10mins and did just over 13 miles and felt much better than last week! It’s looking up! Just ran around where I live this time, sometimes it’s more comforting being close to home. 1 week, then I’m on holiday, very exciting, then the week I’m back, I have a show on as the Narrator, haven’t done it in a little while so looking forward to that. Wow this is a positive message, get running people it makes you feel great!

8th Feb

Actually writing this from my dressing room, not on tonight so i get to make everyone jealous and lounge about while they do all the hard work. Missed one of my mid-week runs this week as i had to go to dentist and be sedated, also meant i had to have a day off work. Apart from that training’s going well, really feel my body changing, especially my legs, don’t know what’s more of a struggle, running for hours on end or trying to fit my calves into my skinny jeans these days.



I’m going to run the London Marathon on Sunday April 13th 2008. Am I excited? Yes! Am I scared? Yes! Shall I start? Oh okay then.
I love routine, schedules, anything that tells me where I have to be and when, I am training for the Marathon using the schedule from the Marathon Store in Covent Garden, London. So, I am on a schedule, my Wife and I have put our baby on a schedule, I have a schedule at work…..Oh my god my life is one big schedule!

I started running in 2006. Partly for fitness reasons, the fact that my wife and I were trying for a baby and wanted to get into the best shape possible and partly because I am fickle and like the free t-shirts and shiny medals! Ooohhhh, look at it shine!! In fact I’m so fickle that I don’t usually enter a race if I don’t at least get a shiny medal! Ooohhhh, look at it shine!! However, when I was offered a place with the children’s charity WellChild for 2008, I jumped at the chance to run for this children’s charity, especially now that I’m a Dad and because of the fact that WellChild sponsor one of the wards at the hospital my daughter was born at! And of course that I can work my way to a new shiny medal! Ooohhhh, look at it shine!! After 5x 10K races, 1x 7 Mile race and 2x Half Marathons…Oh yes, and a 10 Metre sack race (which I won, beating John Clarke our Resident Director – Oh, so that’s why he calls me in for extra rehearsals!), it’s time for the BIG ONE!!

Tues 29th Jan

Only a 15 min Jog today. But getting over a cold/chest infection and feels like an invisible person is running with me and constantly happy slapping me in the right lung! Feels like I coughed up my spleen over the weekend so easy does it. In work tonight. Good show, great audience.

Weds 30th Jan

The cold is much better today. 65 min at a steady pace. Ran through Dulwich Village SE21 (if you’ve never been – visit it, it’s beautiful) and into Dulwich Park which is just gorgeous this time of year. Although my right foot was a bit sore on the run today, because John Alastair (Rueben) stamped on it in the Megamix last night! By accident obviously! 65mins I always find is a really nice length. What’s 4hrs 30mins plus going to be like? I will be finding out in 3 months!!! Gulp!

Sat 2nd Feb

Thank the Lord for 2 fabulous audiences today! We had such a great response at both shows, it really kept me going – as I had run 12 ½ miles before the matinee! Left home at 11am and ran past Jenny Eclairs house (she was washing her dishes in her Marigolds) to Wandsworth, then over the bridge and along the Embankment and into the theatre. I completed the distance quicker than expected arriving at 12:53pm, so was very pleased. Although, running these sort of distances now is making me so hungry. I find myself drifting around dressing rooms asking if anyone has any spare food?! All I could find was a tiny fruit cake that Adam (Issacher/Baker) had on his dressing room place, half a cheese sandwich in the Wardrobe Department and a 2 day old packet of Bacon Bites! Yum! Maybe I have a Tapeworm? I’ll investigate and get back to you.

Posted on: 9th February 2008

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