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Joseph cast members’ Marathon Training blog  


You’ve been with them through the trials and tribulations of training, now read Mark Oxtoby’s account of the race, which he dictated as he ran!

MILE 1: Approx’ 10:01am

[MARK] This is a little bit late because we’ve gone past the 1 Mile point, but I’m having such a good time….I’ve lost track of everything! Kate is running with me, Chris (one of my dearest friends and Wellchild running partner) is running with me. We’ve got a good pace going on. I’m not going to say now what time we might finish, in case somebody gets hold of this and then tries to change their time in the sweepstake at work! Anyway, thousands of people, it’s brilliant! So, I’ll speak to you at the next mile. Au Revoir.

MILE 2: Approx’ 10:08am CHARLTON

[MARK] Okay, Mile 2, everybody’s well. Who’ve we seen? Erm, a Rhinoceros, god knows how he’s running in that costume! 2 Dalmatians and a Native American, I’m reliably informed is now the politically correct term and lots of nice houses in Greenwich! I don’t know where we are at the moment, like, Charlton or somewhere. Say hello Kate [KATE] Hello [MARK] Say hello Chris [CHRIS] Hi.[MARK] Alright, I’m going to go now. Carry on running with my two lovely running partners and have a nose through people’s windows! Lovely. Alright, Bye.

MILE 3: Approx’ 10:18am WOOLWICH

[MARK] Well, we’ve just got to Mile 3. We’re doing about 10mins per mile and I don’t know if I’ve said this before? But, there are three different starts……what is it? Blue, Red ….and Green? Yes, that’s right… and Mile 3 is where one of the others at least has joined up with ours (Red start). So it’s a little bit chaotic again. No celebrities yet. Other than us three of course. Ha ha! Everybody alright? [KATE & CHRIS] Yep! [MARK] Yes, everybody’s fine…..and we’re just coming up to Woolwich area. Bye bye.

MILE 4: Approx’ 10:27am

[MARK] We’ve run past Mile 4 and there’s so much music! Absolutely nuts! I think all three courses have joined together now. Erm…we’ve been running for about 39mins now…..and we’re just trying to get through the crowds. Oh my god! There’s a woman dressed as Vicky Pollard from Little Britain….with about 5 Babies hanging out of her rucksack… brilliant! ‘YEH BUT, NO BUT’!……well I think it’s a Woman anyway?! And er….we’re running. It’s alright! Are you alright Chris? [CHRIS] All good! [MARK] And Kate? [KATE] Yeh, baby! [MARK] Any message? Oh, you’re just blowing kisses to everyone?! Okay….alright……see you later.

MILE 5: Approx’ 10:37am NEW CHARLTON

[MARK] Everything is still going well. Chris is really excited because we’ve just overtaken Batman! [KATE] Sticky Shoes! [MARK] Oh yes, thanks! Kate’s just reminded me about sticky shoes! Just before Mile 5 was a big Lucozade point, so everybody gets to fill up on Lucozade rather than just water and when everyone throws their cartons into the middle of the road when they’ve finished with them, obviously it spurts all over the road and it gets all sticky. [KATE] Yeah, as if it’s not hard enough! [MARK] You have to stick to the road as well! Anyway, still doing a good time, just coming up to……I don’t know……a round-a-bout somewhere and we’re all good. We’ve seen Noddy and somebody running in a huge foam bottle! I don’t know what’s going on!

MILE 6: Approx’ 10:37am GREENWICH

[MARK] We’ve just gone past Mile 6. And we’ve done it in 59mins on the watch. Still doing really well. ‘You do realise, that now we’ve done the 6 miles….we’ve done the other 20 miles in training… the rest should be easy’!!! Yes, I’ll come back to you about that later. There are loads of people out and cheering, it’s really good. I think we’re alright aren’t we? [CHRIS & KATE] Yes. [MARK] Kate’s got more Jelly Babies than you can shake a stick at! She’s like a walking or should I say running shop! She’ll be much quicker when she’s eaten them!

MILE 7: Approx’ 10:59am

[MARK] Just gone past Mile 7……1hr 9mins on the stopwatch. There’s a headless Beaver just to the left of us and some guy who’s got lots of rattling things on his running belt that are very annoying in a noise department!!! Anyway, we’re all feeling really good. Lots of crowds cheering us on. We’ve gone past the Cutty Sark…..erm……coming up to the Rotherhithe Tunnel type area. Getting ready to go round to Canary Wharf I suspect? [CHRIS] Tower Bridge first. [MARK] Tower Bridge first?…… Yes, Tower Bridge first, of course! and er……..I need a wee! Everybody okay? [CHRIS & KATE] YEH!

MILE 8: Approx’ 11:09am DEPTFORD

[MARK] Just at the 8 Mile mark. Chris is back, he’s just gone to the side of the course to pick up some water. We’re doing a really good time, about 10 mins per mile. Everybody seems to be doing really well out on the course, a couple of people walking but not seen any runners with major problems. I had a wee! Hoorah! And I feel much better now! There’s a man in front of us with what can only be described as a Carmen Miranda balloon hat….it looks like some kind of person strapped to his head?! I don’t know! Anyway, that’s it!

MILE 9: Approx’ 11:19am ROTHERHITHE

[MARK] Just gone past Mile 9 in 1hr 30mins. Kate’s just seen her partner Stuart and her family and Chris and I have just seen our respective other half’s and we’ve all had ‘I love you’s’ and cameras pointed at us and everything. It’s very good! Everybody’s still cheering us on, it’s really good! Although, it’s just started to rain a little bit, but blue skies ahead so we’ve got our fingers crossed! I’m going to have a drink. Well, not a real drink, just some Lucozade!

MILE 10: Approx’ 11:28am

[MARK] We’ve just passed the erm…..10 Miles? Is it 10 miles? [KATE] Yes, 10 Miles. [MARK] I’m rubbish, we’ve only just passed it and I can’t remember what it is?! We’re good, but it is RAINING!!! And it’s cold! Kate’s regretting having thrown her makeshift gloves away (that were actually old socks!), Chris is slightly regretting not having any gloves at all, but thanking me for bringing a spare cap for him to wear. Just got to keep going…..okay here we go!

MILE 11: Approx’ 11:41am

[MARK] 11 Miles done and I had to hand my glasses to my Wife because they were just steaming up because of the rain! We’ve been through a right old rain storm. We’re a little bit drenched all of us, but we got given some Jelly Babies that my wife lovingly prepared yesterday in special bags. Bless her. I love her. We’re all good I think? Chris is good. Kate are you alright? [KATE] Yes! [MARK] Kate’s looking out for Stuart and her friends, they’re on the left hand side somewhere down here. I’m going to go now.

MILE 12: Approx’ 11:49am BERMONDSEY

[MARK] Just gone past 12 Miles – bang on 2hrs exactly! Not a second over or under. Doing really well timing wise. 10mins per mile. We’re just going up…….the atmosphere is amazing, it’s stopped raining at last and we’re about to turn into the road that goes onto Tower Bridge and we’re all still doing amazingly well! And I can see the Masai Warriors and their tyre shoes just in front of us.

MILE 13: Approx’ 11:58am WHITECHAPEL

[MARK] At Mile 13, still doing 10mins per mile and there is a massive Cornish Pasty running in front of us, which we might have to eat in a minute! There’s mega loud music from a London Pride Beer lorry behind us and we are officially coming up to the half way point in like….2 seconds! We’re all alright still and we’re going to get some water. A Womble! There’s a Womble! I’ve seen a Womble! Pip Jordan (Joseph – Dance Captain) will like that!

MILE 14: See Mile 15

MILE 15: Approx’ 12:19pm ISLE OF DOGS

[MARK] Still about 10mins per mile. I forgot Mile 14 because I was in a daze! Obviously, it’s getting a little bit harder now. But er, we’re good. Well past the half way mark now and hoping to see our loved ones soon. We’ve got some friends coming up, I think at the next big Wellchild charity cheer point, and Kate’s looking out for people from her charity CRY as well. So it’s all good.

MILE 16: Approx’ 12:30pm

Just gone past the 16 Mile point and there’s a big clock and a huge set of golf clubs in front of me! I don’t know what that is supposed to be?! There’s no funny characters around here! Not very many spectators. Kate has made a few phone calls, we’ve all picked up some Lucozade. [KATE] Catching up on some correspondence! [MARK] That’s it.

MILE 17: MILLWALL See Mile 18

MILE 18: Approx’ 12:50pm

[MARK] Oh no! I forgot to record anything for Mile 17! I won’t be writing that down then! Seen my lovely Wife and Chris has seen the lovely Timmy, and they’ve given us more Jelly Babies! That’s good! We’re still at a good pace. Obviously it’s getting harder as we’re going along, but er……we’re all good. Just getting past some people. There’s a massive, massive Flora flag being flown by a helicopter just in front of us. Yeeeeaaaaahhhhhh! Ah, we’ve just seen Nathaniel (Napthali) Morrison! Bless him! He’s come out to support us! Good lad! And there’s a Wellchild cheering point! Yeeeeeaaaahhhhh! That’s the Wellchild people shouting. We’re looking out for friends. 3hrs 1min over 18 miles. That’s pretty good. Although, I’m really feeling it! Hurting a little bit in the feet and the legs. But we’re all good! Alright!

MILE 19: Approx’ 13:01pm

[MARK] 19 Miles at 3hrs 12mins. All good, but we’re feeling it though, I think?! There’s a man with a tree growing out of the bag on his back! He’s being interviewed by the BBC and kind of getting in the way a little bit! Although we’ll forgive him because he’s doing good for his charity! Lots of support on the way round. Loads of people still running, a few stragglers and quite a few having to stop and walk now! But er, OH! Nearly got hit by a water bottle!! No, I’m okay! Let’s go!

MILE 20: POPLAR Approx’ 13:15pm

[MARK] Just gone 20 Miles and I’ve just picked my sun glasses back up from my wife and erm……we’ve had to do a little walk for about 200 meters as we’re a little bit sore! Although Kate’s hardcore and kept jogging on the spot! [KATE] I don’t think I’ll ever start again if I stop! You might be carrying me over the line though! [MARK] This is the third London Marathon for Chris, but for Kate and I it’s unknown territory. Erm….so we’re just conserving our energy. Although, I’m really annoyed, because the Cornish Pasty (See MILE 13) is still in front of us!!

MILE 21: Approx’ 13:23pm

[MARK] 21 Miles. What can I say? It’s hard! [KATE] Hurting a bit! [MARK] It’s hurting! It’s hard work! Got a comment Chris? [CHRIS] No. [MARK] No comment from Chris. Kate? [KATE] Well, I feel sick! [MARK] You feel sick? [KATE] Yes. [MARK] Kate feels sick! We’re just close to the end. Ready for the end.

MILE 22: Approx’ 13:33pm WHITECHAPEL

[MARK] Just done 22 Miles. Still doing a really good time. Don’t know what to say now?! The Cornish Pasty is still in front! And we’re all hating it! Loads of people saying ‘Well done’ and cheering us on. We are…erm…. HURTING!

MILE 23: Approx’ 13:44pm

[MARK] Mile 23 and I am well and truly….aching! My feet hurt……my calf muscles hurt…….my quads hurt…….even my bum hurts! I think Chris and Kate are alright? [CHRIS] No, we’re in pain. [KATE] We’re in pain! [MARK] We’re all in pain! And er……[KATE] When we get there it will all be over! [MARK] Yeah, all over! Oh my god what have we done?! I love my Wife! Bye bye.

MILE 24: Approx’ 13:54pm

[MARK] Just 24 minutes….erm I mean Miles. 4hrs and 6mins and still going! We’re still going. Erm…..we’re nearly there now. Can’t wait for it to finish! To be honest!

MILE 25: Approx’ 14:06pm WESTMINSTER

[MARK] We’re just coming up to 25 Miles and Chris and I are having a little walk. Yeeeeaaaah! Just seen Jonathon (Swing) Stewart on the Embankment. [CHRIS] ‘Cos we are weary! [MARK] Yes, we are weary! Kate is as fit as a bean, so we told her to go. So, whoever has done the sweepstake at work……it will be based on Kate’s time which is good news ‘cos hopefully she’ll get in at Lee Meads time, which is good because he has promised to double the pot! (Unfortunately Kate actually finished 6 minutes outside Lee’s nominated time – shame!) The next time I speak into this….will be after I’ve got my medal! Then it’ll only be quick, because I want to see my family! Bye……IT HURTS!!!!


[MARK] That’s it! Finished! Chris and I finished in 4hrs 35mins and 23secs. Kate is as fit as an ox and she ran ahead…….we encouraged her to run ahead……I don’t know if I said that already? Erm…..yeah, I’ve got my medal…..erm…….and er…….where’s my Silver blanket? That’s what I want to know! Give me a bag! I’m going to get a goodie bag with a Silver cape in it. You have to have a Silver cape! And er……..I don’t know if they’re recycling them or not ‘cos that guy’s says 2002 on it! Anyway, I’ve done it…..we’ve done it! Chris and I have done it in 4hrs 35mins and…..Oh man! Wow! I’m speechless!

Amazing…..incredible…….exhausted…..aching…..erm…..the last thing I want to say is this……..Kate Tydman may have come in before me……but at least I beat the Cornish Pasty! That’s it over and out!

Posted on: 15th April 2008

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