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Joseph: Zoë’s London Marathon blog  
In the fourth instalment of her marathon blog, Zoë Smith is having some bad luck...

Blog 4

Wednesday 11th February 2009
I really wasn’t in the mood today to do any running, especially as I thought it was going to rain.  So I had firmly decided in my mind that if there was even the slightest bit of spitting of rain I wouldn’t go.  Well, straight after the matinee I pushed on and changed and ran outside only to realise halfway to St James Park that it was indeed chucking it down!!  I thought it would actually take more effort to go back now than if I just carried on.  So onwards I went and I actually found it quite therapeutic to run in the rain, which I’ve never done before.  No one was at the park so I had no one to dodge past, so a couple of laps later (4 miles), I was back at stage door and in the warm.  Honestly, I don’t know why I was making such a fuss in the first place!

Thursday 12th February 2009
Much happier today knowing I was running at the gym rather than outside in the rain!!  Managed 8 ½ miles in under 2 hours and felt really good.  Had a great training day today and it got even better when I arrived home.  I was on for the Narrator, so I was buzzing all day!!!

Monday 17th February 2009
Wow, just when I thought I was doing OK I ran 10 miles today and I really really struggled with it.  I do admit it’s been two weeks since I ran 10 miles because of the rehearsals we have all been having at work, but I’m surprised at how hard it truly was.  I managed to do it all 2 minutes earlier than last time though so I suppose that’s a plus.  My calves are really feeling tight even after doing a huge stretch out after the run and my right knee is feeling very sore for some reason.  I will have to keep an eye on all of these things and really try my best to prevent myself from getting any kind of injury.

Wednesday 25th February 2009
I am really depressed!!  I have been off the show since Monday, having fallen over on my ankle and hardly being able to stand on it!  Went to physio yesterday (Tuesday) and was told I have a Grade 1 tear, which basically means resting up and lots of ice.  I feel so frustrated, obviously not being on the show but it also sets my training back a week.  I am allowed to start training slowly again next week though but not at the pace and distance I was before the incident!!  AAAHH!! Only 8 weeks left till the big day… have physio again on Friday and fingers crossed they give me the ‘all clear’ to get back to work again!!!! Wish me luck.

Thanks to all of you who have donated since my last blog entry.  I have now passed the halfway point, so hopefully I’ll reach my target by April.  If you would like to sponsor me to help me reach my £2,000 (and hopefully a lot more!), please visit for more information.  Thank you very much, see you next time!

Posted on: 27th February 2009

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