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Joseph: Zoë’s London Marathon blog  
It's nearly race day and Zoë's racking up the miles...

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Thursday 2nd April

It was the most incredible experience today. I totally pushed myself to the point where I nearly collapsed!!  I think this is going to be the best I will be able to achieve before the Marathon. Three hours and twelve minutes  and 14 MILES later !!!
I feel so elated by this especially since my training fell behind because of my torn ankle. I am totally chuffed about it!
I also had a few people approaching me at the gym, asking how long I was running for and why and it really kept me going. I felt really proud of myself. Pat on the back!!!!!!!

Monday 6th April

I am so pleased with myself, I managed to run 14 MILES  again this morning.  It took three hours and 13 minutes. I never thought I could run anything like that in my life but it’s amazing what you can achieve if you truly put your mind to it. I did start to struggle again in the last mile so it was determination that got me through to the end. I also ran in my Prostate Cancer t-shirt for the first time. No problems at all except my letters of my name which had been ironed on to the t-shirt, started to peel off so I need to get that sorted.  I feel so excited now and everything is running along smoothly.
Three weeks to go……aaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

Thursday 9th April

It’s amazing how easy it’s become running 6 miles now. When I look back at the beginning of when I started running  and see how I was struggling with 3 or 4 miles, it’s just incredible what you can accomplish when you are driven towards achieving a goal. I ran for one hour and a half today, achieving 6 miles. I hardly felt out of breath and I think I must be at my fittest now.

Again, I am so excited that I am so close now to the big day.  It’s been such a build up of months now and I am ready.
Bring it on!!!!!!!

Thursday 16th April

Well, I feel on a countdown now.  I didn’t push myself today at the gym, I only completed 5 miles. I have been reading the Marathon News magazine and it advises you to really pull back on your mileage over the last two weeks before the big day. I am getting  so excited  and next week I don’t think I will be able to contain my nerves!

I have one more run to do next week and the that is it. All the months of hard work have come together now and I am ready to try my best and have the best day of my life.


Zoë will be running the Flora London Marathon on Sunday 26th April 2009. Good luck Zoë!

To donate to Zoë’s charity, visit 

Posted on: 22nd April 2009

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