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Joseph: Zoë’s London Marathon blog  
In her second marathon blog, Joseph's Zoë Smith learns that no pain means no gain...

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Monday 12th January 2009

Well I pushed myself this morning at the gym and ran 6 miles! It wasn’t so bad actually till I suppose the last twenty minutes and then it all started to hurt. After stretching I realised I had some blisters, which is worrying because I’m sure I shouldn’t be getting any with new trainers. I think I’ll speak to Mark tonight at work (Mark Oxtoby, who ran last years marathon) to see what he suggests I should do about it. Oh well, “no pain no gain” is the saying.

Tuesday 13th January 2009

After speaking to Mark I decided to take my trainers back today. They were very understanding at the London Marathon shop and I was fitted again with another pair, much wider than the first one so I’ll see how I get on with them. I also bought some new running trousers and new top to really make me feel like a runner! They should help to reduce friction and rubbing when I run so I look forward to trying them in training.

Monday 19th January 2009

Well I really went for it today, I pushed myself even further and ran 8 miles!!! It took me 1¾ hrs. I brought down the speed and extended the distance, which the gym instructor has been advising me to do. I really was quite exhausted afterwards but felt a great sense of achievement because I have never run that far before in my life. Now that I know I can run this it’s going to give me the incentive to keep striving forward. When I got home I realised I had a blood blister… great! But apart from that I think these trainers are the ones!!! And the proper running clothes really help… a lot less rubbing under the arms etc.

Wednesday 21st January 2009

In between our two shows today, Emily Mascarenhas (also running the marathon this year) and myself decided to run a few laps around St James Park to get used to being outside and to keep up training. It felt really good but it wasn’t easy dodging all the people around Trafalgar Square to get to St James Park! We found the run quite pleasant so I’m sure we’ll be making a regular thing of it. If you happen to be in the park on Wednesdays in between shows and you see us jogging along, please feel free to wave us hello! So here we are, a couple of weeks into training and I’m still enjoying it. Can’t be bad, can it?

I just want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has sponsored me so far. My fundraising efforts are coming along nicely but I’m still a long way from my target, so any contributions to reward my training efforts will be greatly appreciated and will help to keep up my motivation. Please visit for more information. Thanks and see you soon for more blogging action!

Posted on: 21st January 2009

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