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Neil White’s Sound of Music tour blog – Part four  
Neil White is joined by a couple of very special guest bloggers!
Joseph Brill and Oliver Harper

In Neil White’s fourth Sound of Music UK tour blog, he’s joined by two very special guests… Joseph Brill and Oliver Harper, from the ‘Billies’, one of the three teams of children from the show.

This blog was written shortly before the show arrived in Milton Keynes on 27th October.


It’s the last Thursday in Southampton and Joseph Brill and Oliver Harper (Kurt and Friedrich) have taken over my computer and decided to do a blog. We are all getting ready to move to the Land of Concrete Cows and the very lovely Milton Keynes theatre and also the excitement of our new children starting rehearsals on Monday. Joseph and Oliver are staying with us until June so they had better have written nicely about us……or I will really be the ‘Company Meanager’ like the sign Iwan Davies (Kurt) put on my door…

Neil White

“So far we have been on tour for nearly 5 months, we have been to Cardiff and Bradford but right now we are performing in Southampton which is the biggest theatre we have been to holding 2200. It is pretty weird missing so much school but we get tutoring on tour to keep up with our work. The chaperones are amazing; they are very funny, caring and nice to be with which is good because we spend so much time with them. We get up at seven o’clock every morning to have a shower and wash all of the gel out of our hair and for Oliver to comb his hair for about 20 minutes, I’m not joking he does take about 20 minutes. Then we go down to breakfast (which is a fry up) at 8:30. Then we have tutoring for a few hours to keep up with our school work. Then we have a bit of lunch and after that we either have cover rehearsals or we go out around the town with our chaperones. Then we have a show. After the show we call a taxi and go back to the hotel. On the 21st of October Ellie (Marta) got soft tissue damage in her wrist and was unable to do the second half of the show. So therefore Sophie (Brigitta) had to say most of her lines and Joseph (Kurt) had to change the entire ‘So Long, Farewell’ in the concert and altogether as a team pulled through. The cast are really welcoming, very nice and on stage and off stage we feel like a family, not just the cast but all the crew too. Our favourite part in the show is ‘Do Re Mi’ and ‘So Long Farewell’ because they are both fun and full of great dance moves. We also really love doing the bows because it’s an amazing buzz to know that people are clapping for you.

“We are both excited about continuing the tour and going to places like Belfast, Edinburgh and Sunderland. We hope to see you there, it will be worth it we promise!!”

Go Go Joseph and Oliver, Oliver! x

Posted on: 26th October 2009

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