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Sixteen Going on Seventeen  
Meet our Sound of Music bloggers

Welcome to the first Sound of Music Blog with our new cast members! Over the next few weeks we are going to go backstage with two members of the current cast and find out a little bit more of what is going on! Amy Lennox who plays Liesl and Luke Fredericks who plays Rolf will be keeping you updated on the world behind the footlights so if you have any questions you would like answered then drop us an email and we will let them know!

So, as it’s the first blog, we thought we would get the ball rolling by finding out a bit more about Amy and Luke:

Hi guys! Welcome to the brand new Sound of Music blog! How are you enjoying the show?

AL: I absolutely love it! We have been going what? Five months? and I am not even slightly bored. It’s different every night and the cast are so much fun. We have a really good laugh.

LF: I’m the same. I am having a fantastic time with the show. The cast are brilliant and it is such a great feeling performing at the London Palladium! I pinch myself everyday when I come into work!

How long have you been performing in the show?

LF: Just over four months. We started rehearsals at the end of August as part of the new cast, and then opened in the show at the end of September last year. It’s going so quickly!

So how did you end up landing the roles?

AL: I went through the normal audition process but it ended up being rather long!

How many auditions did you have before you got the part?

AL: I can’t remember exactly. I think it was six or seven in all. Talk about stressful!

LF: Loads! I think all in all I had five rounds of auditions. Initially I was singing in front of our Resident Director, Anna, and the casting director David Grindrod. As we got further through auditions we then got seen by Jeremy Sams and Arlene Philips who directed and choreographed the show.

AL: We both had to sing in front of Andrew Lloyd Webber at the end as well! That was pretty surreal.

LF: We had one giant audition with all the people auditioning for Rolf and Liesl where we learnt the Sixteen Going On Seventeen dance. That was great fun being paired up with lots of different Liesls!

So you both were paired up during the audition process?

AL: No. Not at all. We never got to work at all. I did not even chat to Luke until the first day of rehearsals.

LF: We were in the same dance call together but with the nerves and everything I could not remember anyone’s face!

AL: Me neither!

LF: It was hard enough trying to remember the moves and the words to the song!

What was the most daunting part of auditions?

LF: The most daunting part……er. All of it! Actually the scariest part was the final round and seeing a panel of about ten people sitting round a giant table waiting to see my audition! I did get the giggles though right at the start which kind of calmed me down! David (Grindrod) was reading for Liesl and he is taller than me! So it was quite funny to be doing a romantic scene opposite him! But it settled my nerves!

AL: I was quite calm at the start of auditions. I went in and did my thing and was quite happy with it. But as the recalls kept coming I got more and more emotionally attached to the possibility of being cast as Liesl and inturn became more and more stressed by it!

LF: But the panel were always really supportive. They helped calm the nerves and helped us to find the characters!

AL: Yeh. They were lovely. David Grindrod also read as Rolf for me and was much better than Luke. I think they made a big mistake!

LF: Alright cheeky! Don’t push it!

How did you feel when you landed the parts?

LF: Wow! That was an amazing phone call! My agent called me two days after the final audition and I was at work in a call centre! Being in a west end show was a huge ambition and to hear it had come true was pretty incredible! My feet didn’t hit the ground for days! Several bottles of champagne were cracked open that night!

AL: I was actually on a train going to my boyfriend’s, by myself and sitting opposite a little old lady. My agent called and decided to wind me up saying they wanted to see me for yet another recall!! Aaargghh!! But then when he told me I had it, I screamed my head off and I think I gave the poor old lady a heart attack!

Have you ever worked together before?

AL: No never. This is officially my first job since graduating form Guildford School of Acting.

LF: It does feel like we have known each other for years though!

AL: We are like an old married couple! Ha!

So, are you both getting on?!

LF: No. She’s a diva! (starts laughing!!) We actually really do get on well. We clicked from day one and have such a great time in the first half that when things get serious in act two it is really hard to be so horrible to her! We even have pet names. I call Amy “Stinky” for obvious reasons!!!!

AL: Actually, that is utter rubbish. I am lady like in every way possible! But no, we get on like a house on fire. Luke and I are very silly together. It will be really sad when it all ends.

LF: Speak for yourself!

AL: Charming!

LF: Love ya Stinky!

Posted on: 10th February 2008

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