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Students join Starlight Express cast and crew in Bochum  
"That was probably one of the most extraordinary class trips ever made: Out of the classroom and into the Musical!"

In September, the Bochum production of Starlight Express opened its doors to a lucky group of students from Harsewinkel, Germany, giving them the chance to visit the specially-built Starlighthalle Theatre – home to the German-language production of Starlight Express for the past 23 years – and to stage scenes from the show.

50 schools from across Germany competed for the chance to take part in this youth project and class 8C, from the August-Claas-school in Harsewinkel, were selected as the winners. 22 pupils from the school arrived in Bochum for several days’ training from Starlight Express‘s make-up artists, skating technicians, sound and lighting specialists and the creative team. Twelve children pulled the strings behind the scenes, while ten took to the stage alongside members of the cast.

The students started work immediately. Yasemin (15) in the costume department, said: “I have a lot of fun here. I want to be a designer after all.” In the circle, José Antonio followed his classmates onstage, training his spotlight on them: “It’s great – something you can never do at home!” said the 15-year-old. And 13-year-old Cornelia stands nervously at the door of the singing rehearsal – she is supposed to play Ashley: “I practiced singing every day in the last weeks,” she said, “and I’m still really excited.”

On the last night, the student’s fellow pupils, teachers, parents, friends and siblings arrived in nine buses. The atmosphere in the theatre was one of extreme excitement, as the announcement came: “Lights off and spot on!”

Alternating with the current cast, the students presented their very own show. “The children will never forget this experience,” said their teacher Mrs. Schulze. “They have learned for life here!”

Watch our VIDEO CLIP below to see the students in action:

Posted on: 15th November 2011

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