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Your Bombay Dream moment  
Read what the London show has meant to our three competition winners…
Bombay Dreams production poster

As the London show closes after two phenomenal years, we asked you to share your special memories with us. These three winning entries will receive a souvenir brochure signed by the star cast members…

I am living in Tokyo, Japan, and I saw Bombay Dreams eight times since last September! When I saw Stephen Akaash for the first time, I was totally overwhelmed by his charming performance. I really wished that the show would not end. Unfortunately it was the last day of our trip to London, so I had to come back to Japan. My Bombay Dream fever, however, never ended. Since then I have visited the official website every day. I made “Bombay Bag” by myself! During our stay in London, within seven days, we saw 11 stages and I thought Bombay Dreams was the best among them because of Stephen’s charm!

This February my daughter went to London again on business and saw Bombay Dreams twice. Listening to her ‘Bombay’ experience (she met Stephen and Raj at the stage door!), I really wanted to see the show again. So we went to London again for a week (that means five days in London) in March, and saw Bombay Dreams three times. Actually I had booked another play for one night but changed my plan and saw Bombay Dreams! Every time I was moved by the music and dance, and of course Stephen’s romantic performance and Raj’s persuasive performance! I love this musical so much! At that time we must hurry to the airport from Apollo Victoria Theatre just after the performance, and flew home.

Just ten days after the trip I became unable to resist my strong desire to see the show again before its end, and I managed to go to London again because we have a holiday season at the end of April and the beginning of May in Japan. It was really a short trip, but we could see Bombay Dreams four times in the front seat! My daughter saw the show 10 times in total!

I really sorry I cannot go and see the show in the final week, but everyday I see the DVD. Though Stephen is not playing Akaash in the DVD, I can find many scenes in which Stephen is dancing. So the show is not going to end in my mind.

The scene I like most in Bombay Dreams is Stephen’s ‘Journey Home’, but I also like these scenes: ‘How many stars have to shine…’ ‘Chennya Chennya’, ‘Shakalaka Baby’…..and every scene Stephen appears in! Now I miss Bombay Dreams and Stephen’s Akaash very much here in Tokyo and I hope someday I can see the show in Tokyo again, hopefully with Stephen’s Akaash!

Junko Fujimoto


My Bombay Dreams moment started last year in January when I saw the show for the first time with a friend who was from Chicago. Although I live in London and had heard about the show, I didn’t really think about going because I took it for granted! Well, how mistaken was I?!

I saw the show for the first time in January and on Sunday 13th June I am going for the ninth and last time!

I am from Bombay so even as the show opens with the first scene, Bombay Awakens, I am somewhat overwhelmed by the stage and the haunting music. I love Bombay and this show makes me love and appreciate it even more, if that is possible!

Even though I have seen the show eight times, I still get excited about going each and every time. I have taken my friends and family as well as relatives from India, and they have all loved it! I have bought the CD and the T shirt and I think I now every scene from the show as well as every song!

My Bombay Dreams moment was when I recently plucked up the courage to write a fan letter to Shaan, the drummer from the show. I have admired him and his musical skills for a long time, and I really do feel that he enjoys himself and is always enthusiastic and alive. In fact, having seen the original as well as the new cast, I really have been impressed with the energy and enthusiasm they all have at each and every performance.

I am going to be at the last ever performance on 13th June and I am certain I am going to be emotional. Bombay Dreams has been a special show to me for the last 18 months and I am going to be really sorry that it’s leaving London. I plan to go to NYC and see it there, but I still think the London cast and performances have been excellent, NYC has a lot to live up to.

Good luck to all the cast and show members, I wish you all the very best for the future.

I look forward to seeing you all on Sunday.

Kuntal Kalyani


I am applying for the competition on writing a review on Bombay Dreams. I have done a project on Bombay Dreams, I would deeply appreciate it if you read it and even replied to say what you think, attatched is a copy. I have gone in to much detail and research.

Thank You For Your Time!
Shahnavaz Mehta

(Thanks for the project Shahnavaz – it made very interesting reading!)

Posted on: 1st June 2004

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