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Read what the press said about the original show and 2001 Broadway production of By Jeeves.

Broadway 2001 opening press quotes

“A daffy, delightful romp!”
Dennis Cunningham, NY1

“A dizzy, ditzy plum of a production!”
Barbara D Phillips, The Wall Street Journal

“What a smile producing celebration! There are very real charms in this tuneful and blitheringly delightful show.”
Clive Barnes, New York Post

“A cheerfully convuluted tale of mistaken identity, romance thwarted and the triumph of true love. Once the giggles start, they rarely subside!”
Michael Kuchwara, Associated Press

“A jolly good show!”
Lloyd Rose, Washington Post

“Giddy, carefree and energetically performed! John Scherer is wonderfully daft as Bertie, while everything Martin Jarvis does as Jeeves has a breathtakingly understated elegance.”
Howard Kissel, NY Daily News

“Filled with sweetness and good cheer, the show jumps from the wry, genteel world of Wodehouse to the broadly comic exuberant one of musical comedy!”
Robert Feldberg, Bergen Record

“Nicely done Jeeves! … Andrew Lloyd Webber’s music brightly suits Alan Ayckbourn’s neatly turned lyrics. Cozy in style, fizzy in spirits, it makes for a night of JOLLY GOOD FUN!”
Michael Sommers, The Star-Ledger

Original West End opening reviews

“With the same wonderfully P G Wodehouse-ian cast, in which Steven Pacey and Malcolm Sinclair spar splendidly as Bertie Wooster and his man Jeeves, this jolly mixture of farce and song provides about as much fun as you can get in a public place without attracting the attention of the constabulary. Packed solid with the feel good factor, it’s a happy-go-lucky delight.”
Bill Hagerty, News of the World

“Malcolm Sinclair shapes up splendidly as Jeeves. Diana Morrison delivers a peach of a performance as the typically Wodehouseian Madeline Bassett.”
Clive Hirschlorn, Sunday Express

“Super performances, particularly by Steven Pacey as a terribly energetic Bertie and Malcolm Sinclair as a stately Jeeves.”
David Nathan, Jewish Chronicle

“Malcolm Sinclair’s wonderfully supercilious Jeeves.. … the evening left me in a nice, upbeat mood.”
Benedict Nightingale, The Times

“(The audience) warmed to the delightful melodies and their knockabout Ayckbourn lyrics.. one of the many moments that had the audience buckling up with laughter. The show had light comedy ensemble acting of the highest standard, led by Steven Pacey and Malcolm Sinclair.”
David Lister, Independent


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