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Evita production diary final  
Yet another week has passed and we are that bit closer to putting this show in front of a real audience!
Elena Roger

Week 6 – The Tech

This is the first week where we’ve had all the departments under the same roof.  It’s very exciting, the cast have been moving into their dressing rooms, and adding little touches to start making them feel like home. Over the past few weeks we have been working closely with everyone at the Adelphi to get the rooms ready for the actors and the various technical departments, moving furniture and making sure everyone has somewhere to sit, relax and prepare!

This week we have been ‘teching’ the show, which is the first time the cast are in wigs, costumes and microphones.  All the other vital elements come together too such as lighting, set, props and sound. Together everyone has worked through the show technically and have made sure that everything that worked and was possible in the rehearsal room is still possible now in the theatre space.  Additionally there are all those quick costume changes to consider, so we have been busy working out who can get changed where backstage and timing them to see how quickly it can be done.

Monday was the first time that the cast saw the set in all its glory, and I think it’s an understatement to say they were impressed – and who can blame them! 

All in all the elements are coming together beautifully, when I was at the theatre I managed to sneak a look at Elena on the balcony in ‘the dress’.  When you come and see the show you’ll see it for yourselves!

Katy Bryant, Production Assistant, Evita

Posted on: 28th May 2006

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