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Joseph: Zoë’s London Marathon blog  
In her third marathon marathon blog, Zoë Smith is fitting her training around rehearsals with a certain new leading man...
Zoe Smith onstage in Joseph

Blog 3

Monday 26th January 2009

Oh my goodness! This morning after scraping myself out of bed sooooo early I pounded the boards at the gym. I ran 10 MILES in 2 hrs 18 minutes and I really felt it!! I managed to sip water while running which I’ve never been able to do before and my trainers were fantastic, not a blister in sight!! It took me a little while to recover afterwards but boy did I feel good. Couldn’t do much stretching afterwards though because I had to rush home, get ready and get myself to work for our photo call with Gareth Gates!! What an exciting day, running 10 miles and meeting our new leading man!

Wednesday 28th January 2009

Today I felt sooo tired, my legs felt like they were going to drop off!! Having started rehearsals with Gareth Gates this week (who by the way is going to be a fantastic Joseph), it’s been quite hard to fit in my training around rehearsal times, so after being up really early on Monday to run 10 miles and on Tuesday rehearsing from 10am, by today I positively felt exhausted. I did however force myself to go running around St James Park between shows to keep up with my new routine, but today Emily couldn’t come so it was the first time on my own for that. I suppose you get so used to running together and with all the nattering you’re finished in no time, but today was something else. By the time I jogged back to Stage Door I was practically hyperventilating, as two of our biggest Joseph fans Emma and Liza witnessed… Oh dear! Anyway, when I arrived home later in the evening it all made perfect sense why I am putting myself through such torture. In my post today came through my very own Prostate Cancer Charity T-Shirt to wear for the big day!! That says it all really.

Monday 9th February 2009

My goodness, this morning at the gym practically finished me off! It has been a week since I last went running because of the rehearsals we have been having at work. (By the way it’s Gareth Gates’ opening night tonight and he is brilliant as Joseph.) So I really had to push myself to get going again. I managed 7 ½ miles which was ok considering my longest is still 10 miles. My knees are feeling painful though which is slightly worrying but I’m sure it’s only because it’s been a week.

I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has sponsored me so far. I have even received my first two donations from Joseph fans, so thank you to Julie and Shelly for your generosity and kindness. I’m almost halfway there which is fantastic but I still have a whole other half to raise, so if you would like to your bit for Prostate Cancer, please visit Thank you very much. Right then enough writing I need to get ready for the big opening night! Till the next blog!

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