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Auditions Vacancies and Work Experience  
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Where to find out about audition information, job vacancies or work experience requests.

How do I audition for your shows? 

The Really Useful Group are based in the UK and are only involved in casting our own productions. Announcements for our open auditions are usually made on this website and published in The Stage.

Work placement/internships 

Please take a look at the Vacancies section of our website for the latest information on work experience and internships.

Please do not email the general Really Useful Group email address in the event that there are no work experience opportunities.

Working as a member of a creative team 

Generally the creative team are appointed by the Director of the individual show and not by The Really Useful Group.

Working in one of our theatres 

For information about vacancies within our head office and our theatres, visit the Vacancies section.

Working at our Head Office 

Visit our Vacancies section for all the latest advertised jobs.

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