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Can I reproduce the logo from one of your shows? 

Unfortunately, we cannot allow reproduction of our images or artwork as contained on promotional material for our musical shows.  These are copyright and registered trademarks and may not be used without our permission. As a matter of company policy we do not give such permissions to third parties unless they are producing our show.

Company registration details 

The Really Useful Group Limiited is Registered in England No 1240524.

VAT number 577 0974 95

Our copyrights 

The Really Useful Group Limited holds the copyrights in all Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musicals. In order to protect their quality and integrity, please let us know if you become aware of anyting that may exploit these works without our permission (for example, theatrical productions professional and amateur, merchandise, images, audio records, films and websites) by emailing us at  Emails to this address will receive an automated response and will be passed on to our legal department for further investigation.  Please do not use this address for enquiries of any other nature.    

Who are The Really Useful Group? 

The Really Useful Group (RUG) was founded in 1977 by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

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