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The Woman In White
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A compelling tale of love, betrayal and greed, The Woman in White is a stunning musical, freely adapted from Wilkie Collins’s sensational Victorian thriller of the same name.

The show opened at the Palace Theatre, London on 16th September 2004, starring Maria Friedman as Marian Halcombe with Angela Christian as Anne, Martin Crewes as Walter Hartright and Michael Crawford as the original Count Fosco. It opened at Broadway’s Marquis Theatre on 17th November, with Michael Ball playing Count Fosco.

Walter Hartright’s life is changed forever after a chance encounter with a mysterious woman, dressed in white, desperate to reveal her chilling secret. When he takes up his position as drawing master to the beautiful Laura Fairlie and her half sister, Marion, he sees in Laura’s face an eerie reflection of the forlorn creature he met previously.

Walter and Laura’s feelings for each other are thwarted by her engagement to the sinister Sir Percival Glyde. What is the connection between Laura, Sir Percival and the woman in white? Is Sir Percival’s friend Count Fosco, with his unusual taste for white mice and poison, really as charming and well-meaning as he seems? Can true love prevail? The stage adaptation of this Victorian thriller, featuring Andrew Lloyd Webber’s greatest and most romantic score since The Phantom of the Opera, comes to life in William Dudley’s cinematic design, which swoops from the gas-lit streets of London to the windswept moors and stately homes of the North.


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